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From birth we began acquiring knowledge: knowledge about our family, our bodies, our lifestyle and any other areas. Our brains are able to hold a great deal of information – far more than we would ever have time to study for. Just learning about how much knowledge our brains can hold is feat enough and would keep us busy with years of study and research.

There is no way we could possible learn everything there is to know about this earth and everything in it. So it is best to accept that fact early on and decide what things we truly want to know about, what things interest us and what things can help us make a difference in this life.


One question to ask is what do we want to know? What do we want to study and become a subject matter expert? Which knowledge path should we take? It all boils down to what we enjoy doing. We should start with gaining knowledge about the things we enjoy doing. We can always improve, learn more and get better at the things we enjoy when we look for ways to gain more knowledge in that area.


The real question is “why not now?” If you snooze, you lose. Many things we learn are evolving and changing. We can learn something one day only to find out it has changed and there is a new way, a better product or another opportunity for change. Learning now and taking take to gain knowledge in a certain area not only keeps in the loop of current trends, but it helps us get experience as well. It also gives us more study time to become more knowledgeable about the subject.


Gaining knowledge comes in many forms. Some easy. Some not so much. There are, of course, books and articles we can read. There are people who we can interview or read about who are already good at what we want to learn. There are training classes and hands on activities. We can teach, we can write, we can listen. And, there is trial and error. Any of these will work. We just have to get started.

My way of gaining knowledge is to research, write, create programs and teach. I have learned that sharing with others what I have learned helps me to remember and helps others as well. Just as I am writing this blog about knowledge, I have learned new things about our brains, knowledge and about how to acquire it.

My encouragement to you is to pick a few ways to gain some knowledge and go for it!

Here is a great site to visit:




We all have them. We may try to dismiss the fact we have talents, hide our knowledge and dismiss our skills but that doesn’t make them go away. In Marcus Buckingham’s book “Go Put Your Strengths to Work,” he tells us that our strengths are our talents, knowledge and skills. However, taking time to actually think about what ours are is where we seem to be failing. Let’s look at each separately and see if we can’t get busy thinking about what our they really are.


I can remember growing up believing I had no talent whatsoever. I felt like a fish out of water most of the time as I would listen to my friends sing beautifully, dance creatively or do some type of art where they took something ugly and made it beautiful.

Our talents are what comes naturally to us. Our talents are what we enjoy most and seem to talk about a great deal. If we want to know our talents, we can ask a few people at work, school, home, etc. and write down the feedback we get from them. Then we can look at the list and see which ones we enjoy the most and go from there.


Basically our knowledge is what we have learned in life either through tough lessons or through education. Knowledge can be acquired on a regular basis. We have control of what we want to learn so we have no excuse to say we don’t know. Let’s make a running list of the things we know to get an idea of what knowledge we do have.

From the book “You Can Do Anything!” by James T. Mangan, he give 14 ways to acquire knowledge. Surely we can find 3-5 ways we can more knowledge on some subjects of interest, on our own talents or our skills.

An article about his book is at: Read it and write down some ways you can acquire knowledge this week.


Our skills are the things we have practiced over time combining our talents and knowledge. We have practiced them so much that they almost seem automatic.

There are many skills assessments online we can take to determine our skills; however, I did a little research and found a great site that discusses skills and has some assessments to take at:


I am starting a book recommended by a new acquaintance. It is called “Let the Elephants Run” by David Usher. It is about creativity. He says stop thinking that everyone was born with a creative mind but yourself. So true. Just as I used to believe I had no talent, no knowledge and no skills, I have since learned I do have some of all of them. And I am creative. I can make things happen. David goes on to say “creativity is 95% work and discipline, and just 5% inspiration.

That is what I had missed. I was lacking the work and discipline part. I expected it to just happen naturally. Wrong. If we want it, we have to work at it. Just like everything in life.

I am ready. Are you?