So many times we get stuck in life. We know there is more out there. We know we want to do something different. However, we find ways, reasons or excuses not to get going and get unstuck. We need to be looking for ways to get unstuck and quickly because getting stuck means we are apt to get too comfortable where we are and not want to move or change or grow.

Just brainstorming this morning about being stuck led me to thinking about how frustrating it can be. And how dangerous. Here are some things we really need to look out for that are warning signs we are getting too comfortable being stuck.

Being stuck can be deadly.

Yes, deadly. Meaning if we go too long without doing something we are pretty much like the walking dead. We are pretty much deciding we don’t want to change because it just feels good right where we are. And, before we know it, we are stuck right where we are. We are dead. We aren’t doing any good to anyone. And that’s a sad life to live.

Being stuck can be delaying.

Delaying meaning we are putting off what good we can do to help others. We are missing opportunities to share our blessings, our talents, our skills and strengths to make a difference. We are delaying our purpose in life because we aren’t sure what to do next. So we do nothing.

Being stuck can be disheartening.

When we get stuck and get complacent in life, we will eventually become down and discouraged. We will be upset with ourselves. We will be upset with others. Everything will seem to go wrong. Nothing will seem like it is important. We will become dry and desolate like a desert. How sad it is to know the choices we make or don’t make in life can cause us to get down and out.

But there is hope. There is hope! We can decide today to get unstuck. All it takes is a small simple act. All it takes is for us to do one thing on our “to do” list. When we stop being deadly, delaying and disheartening, we can begin living, stepping out and encouraging ourselves and others.

I know there is hope because this blog is my one step, my beginning for today. I was stuck. I didn’t know what to do next. So I wrote. I wrote to help others and I wrote to help myself.

So here is what you can do:

  • Write down three things you need to do today.
  • Go do them.

Simple. Yes. Get out of your unstuckness now. Don’t delay. And you will find yourself back in the grove in no time.