“Concern yourself more with accepting responsibility than with assigning blame. Let the possibilities inspire you more than the obstacles discourage you.” ― Ralph Marston

As I wonder what to blog about, I think about what people really enjoy reading or learning about. My passions may not necessarily be the passions of others. Everyone is so different and it’s really hard to determine what one audience would like versus another. Then I thought why I am thinking so hard about this. If it doesn’t come natural to me and it isn’t a passion of mine, then how I am going to knowledgeable blog about it anyway?

So I am going to blog about whatever is on my mind daily and see what strikes a chord with me and with the people who respond or react to my blog. Decision made. Whew!

The quote at the top of this blog came up twice today. Once when I opened my emails for the day and another time when I was on a health website. The quote got me thinking about what gets me rattled. It also reminded me about how quick we are to blame others. Many times when we are upset we blame others for getting us angry when it is really up to us if we choose to be mad or just let it go. That is how my week has been. I have been getting upset at others and blaming them for my mood. Many times they didn’t even know why I was upset or even that I was upset!

We seem to get quotes or sayings or scripture just when we need it most. If we stop and take time to reflect on it.

I write three devotionals a day. This month one is on knowledge, one is on suffering and the other one is from the book of Luke. Today, for example in Luke, was about what others think about us. These three devotion topics tie in together nicely.

We have knowledge. We all know something. What we do with it is different. Some of us share our knowledge while others are reluctant to share it. Why? Because we are afraid of what others may think. We don’t want to take a chance because it may lead to some sort of suffering.

See how these all tie in. God is that way. He makes things tie together nicely when we stop and look back on our days and what we have learned.

For me, today, I have learned to:

  • Share my knowledge despite what I think others may think about it.
  • Accept responsibility and stop blaming others.
  • Stop thinking about what others are thinking about me. Live to please God.

Maybe each day I will share a little bit about what I have learned from the day and encourage each reader to share a bit about what they have learned today. Then we can go out and share it with the world.

Maybe that will help us look for learning opportunities each day and be grateful we are growing in wisdom and learning from our issues in this world.

What have you learned today?