The other day I woke up in pain. It is extremely rare for me to hurt. Until my 50s I rarely had any health problems. However, lately I have been finding myself at the doctor or hospital for various reasons. My finances are not in the best shape either. My relationship could use some work. My job is getting mundane even though I enjoy it, I am thinking about a change. If we were honest with ourselves, we would find many thing to be down about. Sometimes how we feel about a person or a situation can really bring us down.

Enjoying life isn’t always easy for many reasons. There are tough times which bring us down. There are people who hurt us. There is negativity in the news, online and sometimes in our own homes. It has been said we can’t help how we feel but we can help how we think. We can change the patterns of our thoughts by replacing bad thoughts with good ones. Of course there will sometimes be extremely sad times and it is certainly okay to grieve, but we need to move past it at some point. Here are some thoughts on how to change our thinking.


Many times we feel bad but we don’t know why. We feel blah or unhappy. We feel unmotivated to get anything done. Those dang feelings get in the way of us doing what we should be doing. The best way to remedy this is to do something small. It may to go have a positive conversation with a friend…a positive friend. It may be to do a small simple task and finish it. That completion will give us satisfaction and desire to do more. When we look at the reason we are upset and can’t find one, we need to do something – anything – to move forward and get out of our slump.


One good way to change our thinking is by replacing the bad thoughts with good ones. Sometimes we just don’t feel like doing this so this is something we have to plan ahead for. If we think about what usually brings us down and put it on paper, then we can come up with some alternative solutions about our thinking. An example would be when we are broke. Rather than feeling sad that we have no money, we can look around at what we do have and be grateful for what we have. When we replace the negative thoughts with positive ones, we will soon find life more satisfying.


Many people like to clear their minds and get things off their minds in order to remove the negative thoughts. Some people sit and meditate. Others kneel and pray. Taking a break from reality and clearing our heads helps us to get those negative thoughts out of our minds. It takes practice and discipline to do this on a regular basis but it is extremely helpful to move past the negativity.

Whatever the reason for our negative thoughts, we need to remember it is possible to control what we think. We can look for ways to replace our negative those with positive ones. We can look at the reasons and step out and do something to move past the negative thought. We can meditate or pray to clear our minds so we can change our thinking. It is possible. And, when we are thinking more clearly and positive again, we will find a solution to whatever bothered us in the first place.