UDT-Waiting_roomEver sat for a while in a doctor’s office or been waiting too long on something but you find yourself getting to know those around you while you wait? Sometimes you start up conversations, find you have things in common and enjoy the time even though you are being delayed in your day because you are waiting.

Our relationship with God is a lot that way. We wait for answers from Him about issues we have in our relationships, in our finances, in our careers or health. But while we are waiting, we have the opportunity to talk with Him and get to know Him better. If we choose to take advantage of our time while we are waiting to draw closer to Him, we will find that our waiting helped us to become stronger and we grew as a believer.

Next time we are waiting on an answer from God, let’s use that time as growth time where we did into God’s word, journal about our blessings, praise His name, do good for others and share His word. That will keep us busy while we are in the waiting room of life.

Write down three things you can do today to better know God, serve others and share His word with them.

Use today as a way to do something nice for someone who usually gets on your nerves.

Know that God is with you all day today and be open to hearing His voice.

Read and repeat a Bible verse all day and ask God to reveal His meaning to you.

Pick up an extra gift for someone who is in your life that you normally overlook and thank them for what they do.

Write down ten small things you can do this month that will make a big difference to someone else.