Sleeping doesn’t always occur when our eyes are closed and we are in bed. Sleeping can occur as we walk through life. Missed opportunities are due to being asleep. When we forget about our purpose and decide to sleep through life, we are not only missing out on opportunities but we are not helping others the way we should.

When we sleep through life, three things happen: we lose focus, we get distracted, and we become selfish.

The first issue with sleeping through life is that we lose focus. Where we were alert and awake with what we needed to do to stay on track, we become lazy and uncaring. We lose focus on the reasons we began to live on purpose. We lose focus because things don’t seem to be going as we planned them to go and we began to look at other things to bring us satisfaction.

Second, we often get distracted. It isn’t that we don’t want to do what needs to be done but other things come up where we have to get off task. We are tossing and turning in our sleep so we can rest as well as we would like to. We are distracted with worry and doubt about what we are doing, with guilt about what things we are not getting done and with impatience that could lead us off track seeking more immediate but temporary pleasures.

Finally, when we become selfish we forget the reason for us pursuing our purpose is to help others. We fall asleep when we want to and get up when we want not caring about the needs of others. We seek the things that will help us rather than helping them. We seek recognition from anyone so we can feel a sense of accomplishment but we have to be careful we aren’t seeking selfish gain.

Those who choose to sleep through life for whatever reasons are simply making excuses not to be responsible. We all do need our sleep but choosing to sleep through life rather than take action will lead to a life not fulfilled, a dream not lived out and an opportunity to help others missed.

While the world sleeps, let’s not get caught up in what is making them sleep. Let’s continue working toward the goal God has put before us. Let’s continue to run the race so we don’t lose focus, get distracted or become selfish which could cause us to lay dormant and sleep with the rest of the world.

What is keeping you from focusing today?
What distractions continue to cause you to not get things done?
What selfish things have you done rather than working for God?

Dear Lord, help us today not to sleep. Help us to remain awake and alert seeking out what good You call us to do. Show us Your way, Lord. In Jesus’ name. Amen.