numbersI have always enjoyed math. Numbers are always easier to read to me than words which surprises me to say because I do like to write as well. But there is just something about numbers that motivates me. It is possibly the power of numbers and the fact that numbers play a part in our lives daily.

There is power in numbers in our finances. We all have heard of compounding interest. How quickly the figures multiply when we leave our money in an investment over years.

There is power in numbers in our health. We look at numbers when we measure our weight, cholesterol, blood pressures, etc. We use those numbers to calculate how healthy we are and determine what changes we need to make.

There is power in numbers in our time. We only have so much time in a day so we stay busy getting things done, watching the clock and setting goals to accomplish in a certain number of days.

There is power in numbers in our relationships. We know someone who knows others who know others and the number of people we can reach out to can multiply just as quickly as compounding interest.

As we all experience numbers in our daily lives, the most impactful experience I have had lately is with relationships. Over the past year, I have met so many interesting and helpful people who want to give more than they want to get.

Just in the past three months, I have joined forces with at least 20 people to determine a way we can help others together. This joint venture, as we call it, allows us to multiply our efforts into something greater than ourselves. It is wonderful to experience and powerful to watch.

If you want to more about joint ventures and how you can multiply your efforts through joining others who want to make a difference, there is a free webinar coming on August 29. Rich and Milana have made a huge impact pulling together people who want to help others and you can join us as well.

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