Do you have the time? Do you every really have any time? What are you always busy doing? What do you do when you get up first thing in the morning? Shower? Coffee? Race through the house, jump in the car and fly to work? At work you probably have so much to do that you can’t possible get it all done in a day. Then you hurry home for family time where there is no time for anything but doing the routine things that get your ready for bed which starts your day all over again.

What if you could get better control of your time? What if you could, without a doubt, be more excited about the day…all day long? It’s all about a fraction of your life. That fraction is 10%….one tenth. If you have your priorities right, you may know where we are going with this. The first ten percent of your day should go to God. If we are to, as the Bible says, store up our treasures in Heaven, we should give to God a tenth (or more) of what He has given to us.

What is one-tenth of a day? It is 2.4 hours. God wants the first part of what we have. We know that He is able to multiply what we give Him. You may think well I just don’t have any extra time. That is exactly why you should give your first time to Him. 2.4 hours a day. That is two hours and twenty minutes. What would you do during these 2.4 hours?

Start with prayer asking God to bless this time and give you wisdom. Then listen to Him. You can hear Him through His word…reading His word, meditating on a song or a scripture. Ask Him to show you His plan for you. Then begin writing. Write what you feel. Write what He tells you. He will show you His plan for you. Use this time to read books and strengthen your skills that will help you to develop God’s plan for you. He has a plan for everyone. If you don’t know His plan for you, ask Him. Believe that He will answer. Then take action. It all starts with 24 x .10 = 2.4.

I changed my schedule at work so I can spend more time in the morning with God. I tried it for a week. Great things began to happen. God has shown me so much. And I am excited about getting up every morning. I focus on my top values in life which are God, my health, my relationships and my finances. I pray to God to help me in these areas. I review my goals in each of these areas along with the goals for God’s purpose in my life. Every day I get stronger. I see God all around me during the day. I see great things happen that only He could make happen. It is amazing the ideas that God has put in my head this past week. I am overwhelmed with His love and blessings.

Try it for a week. Get up earlier and change your start time at work to come in a little later. You will be surprised how God will work in your life…if you talk to Him before anyone else…every day.

P.S. If you don’t know where to start to find God’s purpose in your life, I have a great amount of resources which can help you. My passion is to help others find God’s purpose in their lives. Please allow me to help you. You will be helping me as well to fine-tune God’s purpose for me in my life.