A resource is an asset that can be drawn on by a person or organization in order to function. Many times we think of things such as events, articles and books as resources rather than people. However, who created those things? People! Our greatest resources, other than God, are the people in our lives. But rather than relying on them to be our resource, we can strive to be their resource.

We can be a resource for others providing them with information, creating opportunities for them and using the blessings God gives us to share with them.

When we allow ourselves to be resources for others, they will come to us when they need something and we can help them giving God the glory.

When we allow ourselves to be resources for others, we can tell them about how God has helped us and how He can help them as well.

When we allow ourselves to be resources for others, we are able to provide them with information about our Lord and tell them of His word, His work and His will.

Not allowing God to use us as a resource means we are turning away others who are in need. There will be times we can’t help someone but by being a resource, we can direct them to someone who can help them. We won’t always know all the answers but we can help them to find the answers God wants them to have.

Are you a resource? Do you provide others with information or do you drain information from them?

Today listen to what others need and determine how you can be a resource for them. Ask God to show you what He wants you to do to help them and He will give you the answers you need.