We are all afraid of something. Fear keeps us from moving forward. When we allow the fear to hold us back, we are missing out on so many things. If fear held back Columbus, America may not have been discovered. If fear held back Benjamin Franklin, we would be sitting in the dark right now. If fear held back Mother Teresa, so many people would not have been helped.

Many of us fear change. We are afraid of the unknown. Truth is none of us know what tomorrow will bring. Being afraid will not help or hinder the future. Being bold, however, will make great changes that we couldn’t make if we are frozen in fear. Here are some types of occupations where others had to overcome fear to succeed:

Acrobatic performer – she definitely had to overcome fear of heights
Lion tamer – his fear of being eaten alive had to be conquered first
Flame thrower – fear of getting burned was one thing he had to overcome
Master of Ceremonies – he had to overcome shyness and public speaking

Yes, these are all circus performers but their fears are real just like ours are. Whatever our fear is, it is keeping us from getting things done. These fears could be ones that are holding us back as well. We get comfortable in our routines and decide it is okay to be normal even though that means to stay afraid of doing something more, or being different, of standing out.

Decide today that fear is not going to keep you from getting things done you have always wanted to do in life. List the things you want to do, the steps you need to take and get started on one step today knowing that you can make a difference. And you can, putting fear aside and doing something regardless of how you feel will make great things happen.

Action Steps:
1. Write down what top three things you want to accomplish this year.
2. List some things they may be holding you back due to fear.
3. List some proactive steps you can take today to get overcome the fear.
4. Begin taking those steps and deciding today to move toward your goals.

“Feel the fear and do it anyway.” Susan Jeffers

“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” Franklin D. Roosevelt

“In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure.” Bill Cosby

What great things are you destined to accomplish in life? Will people remember you for what you did because you conquered fear or will no one know you because you were afraid to step out?

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