wildernessThe word wilderness is mentioned many times in the Bible. People were going into the wilderness for many things, both good and bad. The word wilderness is mentioned over 250 times in the New Living Translation and almost 300 times in the King James Version. Over 200 of those are in the Old Testament. What does that mean? The wilderness was where people went when they were lost. Some found God. Others did not.

Some gained strength and wisdom in the wilderness. Some found food. Others found peace and became closer to God. The wilderness was a place for them to go when they wanted to be alone. The wilderness was a place for them to go when they wanted to seek God. It was a place for them to go when they wanted to be closer to God.

Some sinned in the wilderness. Others ran and hid. Some died. The wilderness was also where people wandered and sinned and forgot about God. People went there to get away from the worries of the world. They ran to the wilderness to possibly escape being killed. People ran to the wilderness to do what they wanted to do rather than face the consequences of their wrong actions.

Some wandered in the wilderness. They were seeking something but never found it. They wandered and sought for that certain something until they died. They were going about their search all wrong. They weren’t listening to God but seeking their own selfish pleasures in hopes they would be happy and have the joy they were searching for. They felt empty but couldn’t feel their emptiness with the things of the world.

Jesus was tempted in the wilderness. He quoted God’s word in the wilderness. He prayed in the wilderness. Jesus sought and obeyed God in the wilderness. He retreated there to be close to Him and He prayed to Him in the wilderness. Those who were truly close to God found Him in the wilderness.

Are you in the good part of the wilderness or the bad right now in your life? Or are you simply wandering? Or are you living as Jesus did and seeking God so you can completely live for Him?

Where do you go to hear God speak to you? Where are you going to find peace and solitude? Where is your wilderness?

Know you can speak to God anywhere and anytime but you do need a place of solitude to completely focus on Him without distraction. Look for that place, that wilderness, today so you can completely seek God and the peace and solitude He wants you to experience in your life.

Luke 5:16 “But Jesus often withdrew to the wilderness for prayer.” (NLT)