Ever tried to run while wearing glasses? There are all types of issues. We get sweaty and our glasses slip. Our glasses will soon fog up. They may even fall off and break. What about running with binoculars? Just trying to hold them still and run at the same time would be difficult. It is really hard to run and focus on anything even if we don’t wear glasses or use binoculars while we are running. If we are running, we can’t clearly see all we need to see.

Seeking things and running from them can do us more harm than good if we are doing them for the wrong reasons. We need to be sure when we seek, we are seeking what will bring good to others and when we run, it is away from that which is wrong.

There are many times in our lives when we are seeking something. We are looking for information. We are looking for help. We are looking for opportunities we hope will bring us happiness and satisfaction in life. We sometimes find what we seek. However, other times we spend way too much time looking and never find what we want.

Other times in life, we find ourselves running from something. We may have issues at home so we decide to stay at work. We may have issues in a relationship and we keep avoiding it. We may have challenges in our work lives and we decide to stay away from a particular person who seems to be giving us problems. We continue to run away from the hard things in life because we either don’t want to deal with them or we don’t know how.

Seeking and running could mean two different things but they could also
mean the same things. When we seek the things of the world, we are really running from God. When we run from people who we don’t want to have deal with, we are seeking peace. When we seek things that are bad for us, we are running from the good. It may be due to fear. It may be due to complacency. But whatever the reason, it is not going to make us happy.

We can learn lessons from people in the Bible who chose to seek God. David sought to be in the house of God forever. Solomon sought wisdom. Seeking the things of God will get us to where He wants us to be not where we want to be. What are you seeking from God?

We can learn from people in the Bible who chose to run. Jonah decided to go in different direction than where God wanted him to go and he was miserable. Choosing to run from the things God wants us to do will lead to misery. What are you running from that God wants you to do?

Know that when you seek one thing, you are running from another. Choose today to seek God in all you do and run from the temptations of the devil.

When you choose to seek and run in that way, God will truly give you the happiness and contentment you are looking for.

What are you running from? What are you seeking in life? Take time today to reflect on what God’s will is for you and ask Him to help you stop running and start seeking His will.