How many of us just sit back and let things happen? How many of us believe that we cannot really make a difference? We can make a difference in our life and in the lives of others.

If we wrote down what we did all week long, we would find that we have a lot of time where we can be intentional. How much time do you watch television each week? How long do you stay on the computer each week? Where does all your time go?

We get up during the week and rush around all day. We go to work, go home, grab something quick to eat, stay busy and stay tired. We are continuously doing something but are we doing something intentional?

It is easy to get caught up in our world and forget there are others out there who need help. We pass others on the street without even wondering about how they are. We talk to our friends and co-workers and our conversations tend to be more about us and less about them. We see advertisements for helping out in the community or with charity organizations and think that one day maybe we will get involved. We can be intentional about care and helping others. We can be intentional about making a difference.

We all have dreams and goals in our life. We hope to get these done. Sometimes we plan things out in our head and make a list of what to do. Planning is great; however, some get so bogged down in the planning that we don’t get started. Sometimes we want things to be just right before we do anything. We want to be in the right frame of mind. We want to feel good physically. We want to have the right amount of money. We may want to have someone with us before we move forward. We don’t need everything to be just right to get started. We can be intentional about reaching our goals.

What can you do this week to help others? What areas of your life do you need to work on? Your family? Your relationships? Your health? Financial issues? Community service? Write down one or two things you want to do to improve in these areas.

Decide, now, to be intentional. Write down one or two things that you can do to move forward this week. Be intentional regardless of how you feel. Make no excuses!

First published by Frances Lucas May 16, 2010 at: