DreamWe all have dreams. Some of us aspire to be great at something in our lives. Some of us want to go to certain places in the world. Others of us are looking forward to retirement where we can simply focus on enjoying life. Whatever our dreams are, there are things we can do today to get ready for them.

Aspiring for greater things in our lives is very admirable. Some don’t even know there can be greater things. Some don’t care. But when we recognize we can do and be better, we have made that first step. Seeking what to do is the next. We can’t just let the idea of being better or doing something great just sit there. We have to make plans and decide today to get something done.

When we have a dream, that means it is time for a plan. Plans are what we put into place when we want to reach a certain destination. If we were going on a trip, we usually decide where we want to go and then plan how to get there. Our plans for our dreams should be the same. Our plans should be written out with our destination at the very top of the page so we won’t lose focus on the dream of where we want to go.

After writing plans for our dreams, we have to set goals. These goals are part of the plans we need to reach our destination. These goals should be broken down into steps where we can take action every day to reach the goals that will allow our dreams to come true.

This all sounds easy if we are willing to begin and follow through. However, before we begin, there is one important factor we need to consider. God.

Whatever our dreams are, God has better ones.

Whatever our plans are, God has bigger ones.

Whatever our goals are, God has more focused ones.

God can inspire us and use us to do more than we believe we are capable of. God can work through us and direct us to do more than we can ever imagine is possible. God can lead us to do things we don’t even realize can happen. God is ready, willing and able to use us in His way but we have to be ready, willing and able to allow Him to work through us.

So before following through with any dreams we may have for our future, we need to be sure they are all part of God’s plan for us. Wouldn’t it make more sense for us to follow His plans and dreams for us since they will be far greater than we could ever do on our own?