There are so many times when we want to quit something we should be doing. It may be regarding our health, like eating right or exercising. It may be regarding our finances, like saving money. It may be regarding our career, like not pursuing a goal or new position. It may be regarding doing something helpful to someone else but we don’t because we talk ourselves out of it.

We may not think too much about quitting because we reason with ourselves that we are just too busy or it’s not a good time in our lives to do these things. However, no matter what we tell ourselves we are still quitting.

In order not to quit, we have to give up. We have to give up what is holding us back from getting things done will help us not want to quit. We have to give up what is keeping us from doing the will of God will enable Him to use us for His glory. We have to give up what is tempting us to think only of ourselves will allow us to see the needs of others.

Give Up Fear

None of us know what the future holds. So instead of doing something and finding out what the results are going to be, we decide to do nothing. Instead of stepping out and taking a leap of faith in God, we decide to step back when opportunities come to us. Instead of feeling the fear and doing it anyway, we decide to allow the fear to keep us from getting things done. We need to give up the fear and replace it with faith knowing God has everything under control.

Give Up Control

To quit, is to want control. We want to have control of our lives and do what we want to do. We want to control our time, our thinking and our tasks. When we want to quit, we should give up control of our own lives and give God the control so He can use us as He wants to. Giving up control isn’t about giving up but about simply giving. When God takes control of our lives, we won’t want to quit. We will want to do His will to give Him the glory for all that is done rather than focusing on ourselves.

Give Up Selfishness

To quit, is to be selfish. We are normally thinking of ourselves and what we want rather than what God wants or what others need from us. When we quit or decide not to go and volunteer for a non-profit organization, we are missing an opportunity for a blessing from God. When we give up being selfish and look at the needs of others and the requests from God, He will use us as a blessing for others and will also bless us.

When we are tempted to quit, giving up is the easy thing to do. Giving up seems like the natural thing to do. Giving up seems like the reasonable thing to do. However, the things we should give up when we want to quit are fear, control and selfishness. When we give up these things rather than quitting what we should do, we will find that our next step toward doing what should be done may just be the step that takes us into the direction God wants us to go. The next step may open a door that we would have never seen if we had decided to quit.