This past weekend was one of the most wonderful weekends of my life. I thought my wedding day was great and wonderful but to sit back and watch my Stevi and Allen 062213daughter get married was one of the best feelings I have experienced in a long while. The joy and excitement she had as she had was just overwhelming to me. She had a peace about her that reminded me of some essential things we need to remember in life.

Be Prepared

Stevi has always been one to prepare. She had been planning this whole wedding herself and seeing to it that everything was ready for her big day. The day before her wedding she told me she was bored. I told her that most bride-to-be’s would be stressed but not her. She had done all her prep work and was ready to enjoy the day before her wedding and her wedding day without stress. We should be so prepared in life so when the big day comes of an event we are planning for, we are stress-free as well.

Be Engaged

Not the engaged in the sense she was engaged to the man of her dreams but in the sense of being in the moment. From the morning of her wedding day until the time they drove away after the reception, she was engaged in the moment. She was enjoying each minute and having the time of her life. We should do this every day. We don’t have to wait for a special occasion to enjoy life.

Let Things Go

As with all weddings, things came up where other people were panicking because something was left out or someone was acting crazy. However, Stevi was able to let things go so she could enjoy her day. She was determined not to let things or people get to her so she could focus on the moment. We can’t let things get to us that will distract us from our purpose for the day and especially our purpose in life. Life goes on and we should let things go.

Family Matters

Watching family and friends enjoy each other and spend time celebrating helped me to realize we should work on relationships. There were people there I haven’t spent time with in a long while. Not really because we were upset with each other but because we didn’t take time to get together until then. We really need to look at what we are doing to build up our relationships rather than letting them go stale. We need to keep up with past friends and family so we can enjoy them more.

Best Lesson

There were many other lessons that day. Too many to share here. However, the best lesson for me was when my daughter asked me to have the dance with her that her dad, who has left this world, should have had with her. I danced with my sweet child and looked into her eyes. As I looked, I was reassured that she was going to be just fine. This little girl who I used to hold and look into her eyes as a baby had grown into a young lady who was responsible and ready for her new life as a wife. Her eyes reassured me that she was going to be just fine.

When Our Work is Done

There are going to be times in our lives where we realize that our work is done. Once we have prepared, worked on and completed a goal, we need to let go. We need to know that things will be just fine. We need to remember to keep what is important in front of us and let the rest just drift away. God will help us get through anything. We can look into the face of Jesus and know that He has everything under control. Once we have done our work He requires us to do, we can let Him handle the rest.