The Door

We all have opportunities and choices to make in life. Some of us have many doors that are opened for us to choose to walk in. Other of us are invited or pulled in while many have doors closed right in their face. These doors are opportunities or choices we make. When we choose the right door, good things will happen. When we choose the wrong door, we will suffer the consequences. We need to plan ahead and know what doors we want to walk through in life.

Decide on the door – Doors are opportunities in life. We have to know what we want before we can choose a door. If we don’t know what we want we will find ourselves going through many doors than lead to nowhere in particular. Sometimes we have to go through doors that lead nowhere to know what it is we really want to do. So we must first know what we want.

New doors – There are occasions when new doors appear out of nowhere. We have to be flexible and open enough to know that new doors are sometimes new opportunities where God wants to use us. He may see opportunities we don’t see where we can use our skills and talents to help others. So we should be open to other doors that may be opened

Be ready to walk in – Being prepared to enter when that door is opened is key. If we wait around and spend most of our life procrastinating we will miss that opened door. We have to know that others are ready and willing to enter these doors. If we wait too late the door will either close or someone else will go in first. So we should prepare now before the door opens.

Whatever the door that is front of us right now, we need to be sure that we are prepared for this door. We need to be sure that we have decided to handle whatever is on the other side of that door. And we can choose to walk away from that door and not go in. Sometimes we are surprised. Sometimes we are ready. Whatever door we choose, we need to be ready to use it for the glory of God.

As leaders, we need to know that doors will come and go. As leaders, we need to know that preparation is key to going through the right door. As leaders, we need to choose our doors wisely. We never know who will see us go through that door. We never know what others will follow us. That is why it is so important to know what we want, have a plan and be ready for anything. The door we choose should be one that will help others on earth and create the riches God has planned for us in Heaven.

What can we do today to grow our leadership and prepare for the doors we want to enter?