to do listIf someone were to ask us what we needed to do today, we would probably pull out a long list of things we feel we needed to get done. Some of the things on the list are things we have been putting off that we should do and some are things we wish to do but don’t really need to do. If we want to be a great leader, we need to learn to make decisions every day about what we really need to accomplish for the day. We need to learn and practice knowing our priorities and knowing our limits.

Prioritizing is the best way to start anything. We need some sort of device or paper to capture all we have to do and then look at what is important for us to do right now. We can then determine what things we simply must do in order to make a difference today. We can eliminate anything that can wait or that we really don’t have to do because we can’t get it all done. We have to know our limits.

Knowing our limits is a little bit harder than prioritizing because that means we have to give up something. If we are honest with ourselves, we know we are not going to be good at everything we need to do. Some things can be delegated to others to do who are better at doing these things than we are. When we let go of the things we can’t do well or don’t want to do, it frees us up to do what is important now for us and allows someone else to do something they enjoy or are really good at.

When we have a long list of things to do but we know we can’t possibly get them all done, we have to look at what is important. Lou Holtz, motivational speaker and coach, says we have to ask ourselves what is important now. We have to ask ourselves what is it we should be doing right now and do it. However, he also says “when all is said and done, more is said than done.” He knows we have limits as well as priorities. We can’t possible get everything done that we want to do.

As leaders, we should know our priorities and our limits. We need to take time to determine what we need to do, what is important now and what we just don’t need to do. There is no reason to feel frustrated or guilty that we can’t get it all done. God knows what we need to do and what we don’t. We can go to Him every day to help us determine what our priorities and limits are.

What things do we need to put first today and what things should we simply let go?

1. Make a list of ten things you want to do today.
2. Ask God to reveal to you what He wants done.
3. Prioritize your list and focus on your top three.
4. Check off what you can do later or delegate.