imageA battle is an every day occurrence. Before we can win any war, we have to fight the smaller battles. Every day we have a battle. A battle against living healthier. A battle against making right financial decisions. A battle with those in our work groups. We have struggles every day. We can’t focus on the struggles of winning the war without first focusing on the battles. A leader knows this. Leaders can see the small battles, organize what needs to be done and tackle them every day. However, before tackling the other battles, they have to tackle the battles in their own lives.

If we want to grow as a leader, we must first acknowledge what we are struggling with personally. We must first acknowledge what things we are trying to get done and what is stopping us. We must first find the reasons these things keep coming up in our lives and decide what we are going to do about them every day. Once we determine what we are personally battling with and what actions to take, then we become better leaders to others.

We need to look at our lives. We need to determine what things we are doing that are keeping us from being successful. We need to determine what battles are fighting and what things we are ignoring that are keeping from getting things done. Leadership begins within us. We need to take stock of our lives today and determine what we need to do about our battles. Here are a few ideas:

• Write down everything that is on your mind.
• Make a list of what you want to accomplish.
• List some things that you feel keep you from getting things done.
• Decide what you are going to do about them and write out steps to do them.

Knowing there is a battle is one thing. Deciding to take it on every day until you have won the war is another. The first step is to get started. Let’s take one thing we wrote down to do and do it today. Leadership is identifying the battles, stepping out in front and taking action. When we do these things, we are better to lead ourselves so we can then lead others.