When we think about the people who really made a difference in life, Andy Griffith comes to mind. Everyone has heard of him. There are so many things we can learn from him. Even though he has passed, he has left behind some important life lessons to always remember.

Put God first. He wasn’t afraid to show his family going to church. He showed us there were sometimes issues in the church but they worked through them.

Have fun. He enjoyed life. He worked hard but had fun doing it. He was spontaneous in his work and didn’t mind taking on new ideas.

Learn something. He taught others. He had a message in every show about how we should live life. He wanted us to remember not to get too stressed about anything but look for learning opportunities in all we do.

Enjoy what you do. In his real life, he was persistent in his career. He was flexible about what he did and he continued to work doing what he loved.

We will miss you, Andy, but we are so appreciative of the legacy you left behind and the lessons that can continue to be learned in future generations. Thank you for making a difference!

For us, we need to remember why we are here on earth. We need to put God first, have fun, learn something and enjoy what we do. We can learn this from Andy and, perhaps, leave a legacy of our own behind for others as well.

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