This week is going to be a busy one with work and some other things going on in my life. The thoughts of everything there is to do along with some anxious thoughts reminded me that the devil just can’t wait sometimes to get a hold on us so we are thinking negatively about something God wants to be great in our lives.

I have an opportunity to pray for people on the radio this week. I have never been on the radio before or prayed publicly too much but I know God has a plan. The devil is trying to use my self-doubt of days past telling me I am not good enough, don’t know enough, and am not perfect enough. However, I know God is greater than me, greater than the devil, greater than anything and if it is His will I be there to pray for others, He has a plan and who am I to mess with God’s plans?

Today, my prayer for you, for everyone, is that we all decide to remove that self-doubt about what we can and can’t do. We need to remember God has a reason for putting us in places and asking us to step out boldly for Him. Today, we can do anything. Today, we can put aside anything that is holding us back and step out boldly for God no matter how busy we are or what we think about ourselves.

It’s time to take God’s path for our lives and tell the devil to take a hike!

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