This weekend was very productive. I made some headway on writing a few other books, got some more motivation Breadcrumb cards completed, spent time with the family, went to church, ate dinner with friends. Even got some rest. It was a pretty much well rounded weekend with not too many distractions or interruptions.

However, we cannot always get things done as planned. Sometimes there are interruptions. Sometimes there are delays. Sometimes there are excuses. We need to be sure the things that keep us from getting things done are not self-inflected.

Self-inflected obstacles are things where we make up our own excuses and create our own interruptions or delays. We need to be sure we are getting things done and stop making excuses and procrastinating. When we begin to do something, we get a certain energy about us that gets us motivated. We get and certain feeling of accomplishment and we begin to feel good about ourselves for completing it. We basically get more done.

This week, let’s all decide to put aside all our excuses and get something done we have been putting off. Write it down, Break it down into small tasks and get it done. Then at the end of the week, we will feel good about what we did and be ready to take on something else!

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