I am learning more and more that the devil wants to be in the midst of things when I am focusing more on God. The challenges that continue to pop up in my life can’t be anything but the devil trying to distract me. Every morning I pray for my family and me. I pray God will rebuke the devil in our lives and keep him at a distance. God helps me each day to find His strength and courage to continue on. I do get aggravated but I quickly remember if I do that, the devil wins. And who wants the devil to win?

As we go through today and are provoked by the devil, let’s go quickly to God and allow Him to resist the devil for us so he will flee from us. The quicker we realize the devil is trying to get a hold on us and turn to God, the better off we (and others) will be. When we allow God to live in our hearts and we resist the devil with God’s power and strength, we can be a better witness for others as well.

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