As I scurried around this weekend, I realized I needed to slow down. Nothing is ever going to get finished. There will always be lists. There will always be something to do. There will always be constant reminders of what has been left undone at work and at home. So I decided I was going to actually slow down. I decided my list of things to do needed to be turned over to God and so He could pick out the top few things that needed to be done this weekend and put the rest aside.

So as I looked at my 33-page “to do” list, no that is not a typo, I took a big breath and held it a minute and then let everything go. I let the laundry go. I let my book marketing plans go. I let my concerns about bills and money go. I let my anxiety of trying to handle everything at once go. I opened my mind and spirit to God. I let God come in and take control of my mind, my hands, my body and my spirit. I felt a sense of peace come over me as I smiled and noticed my shoulders begin to relax.

From that point forward every time an anxious thought came to my mind about what else I had to do, I just let it go. I prayed. I asked God to take my anxious thoughts and carry my heavy burdens.

No matter what you have on your “to do” list. No matter what burdens you are carrying whether it is financial, relationships, work issues or just the burdens of keeping a busy lifestyle, God can come in and take control. He wants to be in control. He wants you to give your life to Him so He can use you to make a difference.

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