Zig Ziglar and Jesus Christ

Most of us have heard or read about Zig Ziglar. He came from very  humble beginnings where his mom had to struggle to raise him along with his brothers and sisters after his dad passed. However, her faith in God allowed her to be strong and keep going even though she had to start over many times.

We all have to start somewhere. If we had humble beginnings or if we are struggling now, there is a time when we just have to start again. When we put God first in our lives, it is possible to be successful as Zig was when he follow his moms’ footsteps in putting God first in his life.

We all get that uneasy feeling that feeling something is just not right. It can hit us in an instant or over a period of months. We aren’t quite sure where to turn but we keep searching for an answer. We usually do one of three things:

1. DIG deep into our past. We think about what things happened to us a long time ago that made us have these feelings. We reflect on our childhood and how we were raised to see if our uneasiness began as a child.

2. SEARCH the present. What is going on with us now that brings up feelings of restlessness and despair. What things are happening around us making us feel as if our world is falling apart.

3. LOOK to the future. Is there something we are afraid or avoiding? Is there something we are trying to stay away from facing that keeps our minds occupied about what will happen if we decide to face it?

The answer to all of our anxiety and uneasiness is God. When we aren’t sure why we are not feeling right, we need to go to God. It is best to start at the beginning, God’s beginning. Reading God’s word slowly and asking Him for direction on how it can apply to our lives will give us direction. Taking in a few verses or chapters a day will help us allow God to solve our problems of uneasiness, anxiety and stop us from searching the world for answers.

Jesus Christ also came from humble beginnings. He chose to serve God and be obedient to Him to the end. He read and learned all He could about God starting with the beginning and served only God. He completely turned His life to God. Because of His decision to die for us, we can live forever. We can go to Him in all things knowing we can start over every day completely depending on God to help us. Jesus Christ didn’t search in the world to find a way to start over. He kept His eyes on God.

We can keep searching in the world but we will never find the answers that will give us peace. We can keep searching on our own but we will never find the answers that will give us joy and happiness. We can keep searching our past, our present and our future but we won’t find that confirmation of satisfaction of eternal life we can have when we know and trust God to handle all our problems and give it all to Him. When we decide to read, study and meditate on God’s word, we will find that the search is finally over and we will find the answer we have been waiting for.

That is why I decided to publish what I learned from starting at God’s beginnings, from Genesis. I decided to read the Bible through and ask God how it applied to my life. I asked God every day as I read a chapter in the book of Genesis what lesson I could learn and how I could make the change He wanted me to make so I could start living for Him rather than myself.

Zig’s mother could have easily given up. Zig could have decided to drift along and reach for other things rather than God. However, they both chose Jesus Christ to live in their hearts. They both chose to do the right thing and follow Jesus Christ. They both believed in God’s word and that is what made the difference for them.

Jesus Christ, when He was on that cross, could have chose to save Himself but He chose to do God’s will. He chose to remember where He came from and what difference He was put on earth to make. He sacrificed His life for us.

If you want to make a change, if you want to make a difference, start over or just get rid of that uneasy feeling the world tends to cause in our lives, go to God. Start with Breadcrumbs from Genesis and begin reading through the Bible.

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