From childbirth and adoption, to school years and cruel teenage jokes, my life has had many beginnings. Little did I know that all of these beginnings were just starts of a long relationship that God was waiting, so paitently, on me to create with Him. It took almost 50 years of His patience for me to finally see His purpose for my life.

Now I am on a journey. A journey of ups and downs but a journey I know I don’t have to go alone. So many times before in life, I was let down, fussed at, accused and left behind. But I know now my God will never leave or forsake me. This blog will be about my beginning as one who will live purposefully for God and reflect back on what things in my life made me who I am today.

This is also an encouragement for others to join in to share their life story as we reveal a new page every day. The stories we have in our lives are awesome. God gave us stories to share with one another. He can make our our days turn into stories and our stories turn into something wonderful with a very happy and eternal ending.